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Some Useful History
The American Botanical Council, Inc. (ABC), a non-profit educational organization headquartered in Austin, Texas, helps preserve and extend knowledge about herbs and plants. About 60% of all pharmaceutical drugs are based on plants. For 60% of the world's population, natural plant medicines are vital to health care. Besides their medical value, herbs and spices motivated early world trade and exploration. They flavor foods, fragrance personal products, quell bad odors, and influence our lives in dozens of ways. Urbanization and modernization threaten herb al knowledge, and entire ancient systems of medicine, through loss of habitat and traditional values.  Check out ABC's publications:       Bob Lee, a Houston activist (below left), earned the affectionate title "da Mayor of 5th Ward" wiith years of community service, from being a Black Panther Party organizer to being a social worker helping inner city AIDs patients and elderly folks.
     Wh en Multiple Sclerosis struck, Bob refused to give it power over him, and stayed active without Rx drugs.
     His "outsider art"  is "highly-charged" and "startlingly direct." Bob pulls no punches!  Click below to see how he copes with MS, despite government disapproval.
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