Stumble It!     Contents may be downloaded, adapted, updated & used until cannabis, the most useful plant in human history, is  legally available, in all of its many forms & for every purpose, to all.
   Successful initiatives in Colorado, Washington State, Washington DC, Alaska, and Oregon to legalize marijuana sales for adult ("recreational") use are transforming even conservative ideas on cannabis. Colorado's success, in particular, is being widely documented in the media, and nobody, not even the best informed, expected that fully 50% of the new market would be in edibles. The Obama administration is so far letting these new  policies unfold, although with some reservations and no change in federal law. Puerto Rico recently legalized medical m.j. in the US territory. Jamaica announced plans -- and planted its first legal ganja -- for a full-scale cannabis industry.
Links on page 2 lead to strong organizations fighting the drug war, case studies of an earlier attempt to legalize pot commerce in Alaska, and info on medical marijuana research and regulation. Pie charts from NORML show who in the US used marijuana through 2007. Also, listen to a new stoner anthem by Belizean reggae artists "Agy V. and MAD DEM" and help save Agy V.'s life at Crowdrise.
Page 3 has a Prohibition Cost-Benefit Analyzer and ordering info for my book, HEMPSEED FOOD: The REAL Secret Ingredient for Health & Happiness !
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                                         -- Mariann Garner-Wizard